My friends write books, too!

Click a name to see what each author has written.

Kristin Kladstrup writes picture books and wonderful middle grade fantasy novels.

AJ Smith is an artist, author, and all-around funny guy. His picture book Even Monsters is a big hit with kids and immature adults. I, of course, like that the monster on the cover is wearing underpants.

Fran Hodgkins has been writing children’s nonfiction and fiction for as long as I’ve known her. My son Marcus loved her book If You Were My Baby when he was little.

Catherine Dexter has written a number of middle grade and young adult books. When I was an intern at Candlewick Press (many years ago) I read her manuscript for the then untitled A Is for Apple, W Is for Witch. Later we became members of the same writing group. Small world!

Darcie Nuttall is a licensed mental health counselor, mother, and author of a series of books on mindfulness for children. You can hire her to lead mindfulness workshops for teachers and students at your school.

If you’re feeling down, read Stuck with the Blooz by Caron Levis who, like me, was once part of Traveling Treasure Trunk, perhaps the most awesome children’s theater troupe in the Universe.

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